In the Sunday School we want children to come to know Jesus themselves.

We have great fun learning all about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, usually involving lots of chocolate, drawing, sweeties, playing games, biscuits, learning bible verses, chocolate, listening to bible stories, watching videos, sweeties.  Did I already mention the chocolate?

We seek to teach that everyone has a place in the kingdom, no matter how young and that we can all serve each other, whether that means looking after the new kid in the school yard that everyone else laughs at, helping a friend who is sad, praying for help to find a lost ball (after all God is interested in even the smallest things in our lives) or by us teachers supplying love, encouraging children in their walk with the Lord and of  course chocolate.

We meet each Sunday after the praise & worship.  We have a group for the Junior & Senior Infants and 1st and 2nd class, and a group for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class. This means that we can teach in age appropriate settings. You should come & see our Christian graffiti in the older groups room and our creation mural in the younger groups room.