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The church leadership structure is based on plurality of Eldership and Deacons where each individual elder & deacon has specific areas of responsibility.


Galway Christian Fellowship was formed in 1980 and has continued to be an active member of our Galway community. 


We are Bible Based 
The Bible is our standard and its message is the power of God to everyone who believes. We strive to understand it and practice it in all aspects of our lives.

We are Devoted

Devotion to Jesus and His cause is what our Christian lives are about. Our devotion to him causes us to pursue holiness and the committing of our lives wholly to him. Seek to display genuine Christian character - We seek to be real and authentic believers of Jesus Christ. We believe that genuine character-building should be evident in a believer's life.

We use our Gifts

The Lord has gifted and talented many within this church. We endeavour to honour God by giving him the best of our ability in all we do. In this we believe that we motivate our fellow believers to higher levels of commitment and service.


We Teach & Pray

We believe that Biblical, Spirit-led teaching and preaching is the primary impetus God uses for changing lives.

We Pray

We believe that God chooses to act through believing prayer. We therefore prioritise prayer as the primary way through which God will grow and mature our church and it’s people.

We Have Caring Community

Our fellowship as believers is to be a community of caring relationships nurtured in God's love. This means we are to be a compassion-motivated people serving God together.

We Believe in Every Member Ministry

We believe that God gives gifts and prepares every believer for ministry; and He expects every believer to serve Him.

We Evangelise

God deeply loves lost people and therefore loving and leading lost people is a focused priority of this fellowship.

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